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Fire Water Refill Pouch

Fire Water Refill Pouch


Small Refill Pouch Coming Soon! 


Already have a jar of Fire Water? No Problem! Our refill packs are made just for you (and they are great for the environment). 


100% Compostable Pouch (Yes, even the sticker!)

Lower Shipping Weight = Lesser Environmental Impact

Our Biostone Labels allow you to wash & reuse your Sandcastle Jar again and again. 

Need another reason to love our refills? Pouches ship Free! 


This tasty infusion joins together the heat of peppercorn, the slow burn of habanero, and the sweet aromatics of bourbon. Fire Water brings depth to food while adding the perfect amount of heat. By infusing peppercorns and salt with habanero spiked Kentucky bourbon, we create a toasty seasoned salt with a lot of character. We recommend this one for steak, pork chops, or as a finishing salt. This blend is not overly spicy, but instead provides exceptional flavor.


All of our seasonings are made by hand, with fresh ingredients, and in small batches some variation may occur. 

  • fire water salt [kosher salt, habanero peppercorn bourbon [bourbon, peppercorn, habanero chiles]], habanero bourbon pepper [peppercorns, bourbon, habanero chiles], habanero chiles

  • 6.53 oz - 185 g 

    It will fill your large jar one time!

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