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Back That Cass Up Fundraiser

Back That Cass Up Fundraiser


Cass injured her back in December and has been bedridden since, unable to even walk on her own. On Friday, February 2nd Cass was admitted to the hospital for emergency spine surgery. Her surgeon told us this was one of the worst herniated discs he has ever seen, and he performed a spinal fusion at the L4/L5 vertebrae. Cass has not been able to work since Christmas and will need 3-6 months to recover. In that time we will miss many markets and events until she is healed and independent; meanwhile she will also be missing income from her other jobs at High Five Events and ACL Television in Austin, TX. 


Many of you asked how you can help, so we made this donation page. When you donate $25, not only will you help Cass, but you will receive our limited edition "Back That Cass Up" salt. This salt is packed with sharp lemon and bold garlic flavor! Totally all-purpose, so long as you want some citrus zing!


For another way to help, visit the Go Fund Me started by Nate's sister. 


"This special salt is full of love, just like Cass. This blend willliven up your food with it’s bold and zesty flavor, while the proceeds will help Cass as she recovers from her back surgery."

On Backorder
  • ingredients: Firewater salt (salt, habanero bourbon (bourbon, habanero)), garlic, lemon peel, turbinado sugar, onion, orange peel, citric acid, non-gmo corn starch, black pepper, turmeric, coriander, parsley.

  • 45g Seasoned Salt in a 100% Compostable Pouch (yes, even the sticker!)

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