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Mountain Joy Refill Pouch

Mountain Joy Refill Pouch


Already have a jar of Mountain Joy? No Problem! Our refill packs are made just for you (and they are great for the environment). 


100% Compostable Pouch (Yes, even the sticker!)

Lower Shipping Weight = Lesser Environmental Impact

Our Biostone Labels allow you to wash & reuse your Sandcastle Jar again and again. 

Need another reason to love our refills? Pouches ship Free! 


This full flavored mixture of herbs, chile flake, onions, fermented tomato, & shiitake mushroom makes mediterranean cooking easy & delicious. Mix with Tomato to make the perfect sauce for pasta or veal. Use as a rub for tuscan style roasted meats. Or try with olive oil & vinegar for a zesty Italian Vinaigrette.


*Contains trace amounts of Salt*


All of our seasonings are made by hand, with fresh ingredients, and in small batches some variation may occur.

  • greek oregano, lactic tomato & onion powder (shiitake mushroom, onions, lactic tomato(tomato, salt)), garlic, basil, thyme, chile flake, fennel seed, parsley

  • 2.12 oz - 60 g 

    It will fill your large jar one time!

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