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¿Qué Onda?

¿Qué Onda?


Inspired by the iconic Yucatecan spice blend, recado rojo, the vibrant and traditional flavors come to life in your kitchen with ¿Qué Onda?. Marrying the warmth of achiote, smoky chiles, authentic spices, citrus, and peach wood aged tequila, this blend enhances everything from grilled meats to marinades, or even hearty stews. Discover the versatility of this blend and elevate your cooking with its authentic taste and bold flavors. 


Dramatically brighter, much spicier, and more aromatic than our previous Yucatecan inspired blend, Polvo Rojo, ¿Qué Onda? is literally bursting with warm and tropical flavors!!!


¿Qué Onda? is a Salt Free Blend. 


All of our seasonings are made by hand, with fresh ingredients, and in small batches some variation may occur. 

On Backorder
  •  tequila infused paprika(spanish paprika, tequila), chipotle, turbinado sugar, achiote, garlic, citric acid, onion, orange peel, black pepper, coriander, non-gmocorn starch, cumin, all spice, clove, oregano, cinnamon.

  • 35g in a 100% Compostable Pouch (yes, even the sticker!)

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