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Red Dirt Refill Pouch

Red Dirt Refill Pouch

PriceFrom $6.49

Warm & Smoky spice blend.


Give your food a smoky kick with this shortcut to flavor! Our applewood smoked paprika makes Red Dirt the perfect compliment to roasted veggies, chicken & pork. Use it to take your next soup or pot of beans up a notch! (And it's Salt Free!)


Already have a set of Sandcastle Jars? No Problem! Our refill packs are made just for you (and they are great for the environment). 


100% Compostable Pouch (Yes, even the sticker!)

Lower Shipping Weight = Lesser Environmental Impact

Our Biostone Labels allow you to wash & reuse your Sandcastle Jar again and again. 

Order exactly what you need - Do you love our small jar because it is perfect for travel & fits beautifully in your spice cabinet? Does our large jar just feel good in your hand? - Either way, there is a refill pack for you. 

Need another reason to love our refills? Pouches ship Free! 

  • applewood smoked chiles, ancho chile powder, cumin, spanish paprika, new mexico chile powder, black pepper, dried vegetables (carrot, onion, celery, tomato, red bell pepper, green bell pepper), epazote, oregano, bay leaf.

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