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Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

PriceFrom $7.49

This bold blend is inspired by Israeli and middle eastern cuisines. These 7 spices are transformative in recipes, taking the mundane and making it extraordinary.


The peppery flavors are held up by a backbone of fermented sweet chiles; this chile powder is so umami rich, it could be mistaken for parmesan cheese. SEVEN SISTERS invigorates salads, dances on avocado, and makes bliss with NY strip. Once you start using it, it will quickly become irreplaceable in your daily cooking; there really isn’t anything quite like it. 



This spice blend contains trace amounts of salt. 


Check out some of our favorite SEVEN SISTERS recipes! 


All of our seasonings are made by hand, with fresh ingredients, and in small batches some variation may occur. 


Already have a jar? Try our refill pouch instead!

  • black pepper, corriander, cumin, caraway, migella, fermented chiles [sweet chiles, water, kosher salt], dill seed. 

    *contains trace amounts of salt

  • Small Glass Jar (1.23oz/35g)*  We call it the travel size. 

    Large Glass Jar (4.94oz/140g)* Our reccomended size! No need to hold back, use Seven Sisters to add that special something to any meal.


    *All jars are filled by weight, not volume. Spices may settle.

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