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Somersault Refill Pouch

Somersault Refill Pouch

PriceFrom $6.49

Our special umami blend infused into kosher salt. 


Funky tomato & rich shiitake team up to turn your food on it's head! Somersault can bring depth & flavor to your favorite recipes or try it sprinkled on top as a finishing touch. 


Already have a set of Sandcastle Jars? No Problem! Our refill packs are made just for you (and they are great for the environment). 


100% Compostable Pouch (Yes, even the sticker!)

Lower Shipping Weight = Lesser Environmental Impact

Our Biostone Labels allow you to wash & reuse your Sandcastle Jar again and again. 

Order exactly what you need - Do you love our small jar because it is perfect for travel & fits beautifully in your spice cabinet? Does our large jar just feel good in your hand? - Either way, there is a refill pack for you. 

Need another reason to love our refills? Pouches ship Free! 

  • fermented tomato salt [kosher salt, tomato, sweet chile brine [sweet chiles, kosher salt, water]], shiitake mushroom salt [kosher salt, shiitake mushroom, black garlic, black pepper]

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