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Creamy Shrimp Pasta

You will thank yourself for this one! We use our Gabagool and a dash of Somersault to make a Creamy Shrimp Pasta that will leave you begging for more. This easy and amazing dinner can be DONE in less than an hour.⁠ One of the great things about this recipe is that you can make it fit your family, use any size shrimp or try it with chicken!

Prep Time:

Cook Time:




15 Minutes

30 Minutes


Gabagool, Somersault, Taproot, Iberian Blend

Crowd Pleaser, Seafood, Pasta, Protein, Dinner

What You Need

  • 1# of peeled, deveined shrimp, any size⁠

  • Angel hair pasta⁠

  • 2 big handfuls of fresh spinach⁠

  • 20 grape tomatoes, cut in half⁠

  • 1 cup of diced white onion⁠

  • 6oz of shredded parmesan cheese⁠

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream⁠

  • A few tablespoons of fresh parsley, finely chopped⁠

  • Half of a small lemon⁠

  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced⁠

  • Fresh cracked pepper⁠

  • Unsalted Butter⁠

  • Gabagool blend

What To Do

  • Pre heat your oven to 425F and start a pot of water for the pasta.

  • Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a small pan, then add 2 teaspoons of Gabagool and 2 pinches of Somersault. Do not add more salt than this!

  • Set the butter aside for now (you will use this to dress your shrimp later).

  • Take a large, ungreased sauce pan and put it on high heat.

  • Add your diced onions and cook until some brown appears on the pan (this is called fond, it is where all the delicious caramelized flavor is).

  • Deglaze with water, and repeat until the onions are starting to caramelize.

  • For your final deglaze, add the tomatoes and spinach with a splash of water.

  • When the spinach has cooked down and you have deglazed all the flavor from the pan, add a small sprinkle of Somersault and a few cracks of pepper.

  • Move the contents to a small bowl and set aside for now.

  • On Medium heat, add your heavy cream, parmesan, and 2 tablespoons of butter to your sauce pan (all at the same time!) then stir until the cheese melts into the cream and the texture is smooth.

  • Turn off the heat and stir in your garlic, the spinach mix, and 1 teaspoon of Gabagool.

  • Next, mix the shrimp with the Gabagool and butter mixture from earlier, then roast in the oven for about 7 minutes until plump and juicy.

  • As soon as the shrimp go in, drop your angel hair pasta and cook until al dente, about 4 minutes.

  • When the pasta is done, strain and immediately add to your cream sauce.

  • Turn on low heat and mix the pasta until everything is evenly coated.

  • Take your shrimp out of the oven and place on top of the pasta, drizzling in any remaining butter.

  • Squeeze a couple of lemon wedges on top of everything, and garnish with fresh chopped parsley.

  • Serves 4-6.⁠ ⁠


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