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Low & Slow Pork Shoulder

Clear your schedule, this recipe takes 10 - 12 hours from start to finish. The result is insanely delicious, and goes perfect with eggs, or made into tacos and sandwiches.

Prep Time:

Cook Time:




20 Minutes

10-12 Hours


Somersault, Red Dirt

Gluten Free, Protien

What You Need

  • 1 Bone-In Pork Shoulder between 8 and 12 pounds

  • Kosher Salt

  • Black Pepper

  • Aluminum Foil

  • A large Baking Sheet

What To Do

  • Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees F

  • Lay down a large piece of foil on the baking sheet

  • Prepare about a 1/4 cup of cracked Black Pepper

  • Mix the Somersault and Kosher Salt, 1-2 Tbls of each

  • Rub the salt mixture all over the pork

  • Turn the Pork so that fat cap (top side) is down, and season with a generous amount of Red Dirt, then season with Black Pepper

  • Turn the shoulder over and season the top and sides with Red Dirt, and finish with Black Pepper

  • Make sure the foil is arranged to be able to catch the drippings, they are essential to the recipe

  • Bake in the oven at 250 degrees F for approx. 6-8 hours

  • When internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F, take another piece of foil and wrap the pork completely in foil and raise oven temperature to 275 degrees F

  • Cook for approx. 2 or more hours, checking the internal temperature periodically by stabbing the probe through the foil, do NOT unwrap. Try to aim for an internal temperature between 200 and 208. If you do not reach 200 degrees, the Pork will not render properly, however if you exceed 212 degrees your pork will be dry

  • Let the shoulder rest, wrapped in foil for approx. 1-2 hours

  • Unwrap the shoulder, remove the bone, and place in a large bowl. When cooked properly the bone should slide out with little or no resistance (Freeze this bone to make a delicious Pork Stock!)

  • Pull the meat apart, thoroughly mixing the bark with the meat and fat

  • Pour in the drippings until you reach your desired level of salt (usually between half & all of the drippings) and mix completely

  • Keeps for about a week in the fridge, freezes well

  • Enjoy!

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